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'Yet another Day' by Anusree K.C

It was yet another long day at work

I finished my chores at home

And tugged in, to sleep asap.

The day was stressful,

Not that there was too much work to do,

But because it took hours to just finish a single one.

I kept telling them for two long hours

Where they went wrong in the project,

But no one was in a mood to listen to me

They kept looking for a solution,

And I kept making my point.

My project manager asked me not to interfere,

He said that I was new and had no Idea,

How things were done.

I kept quiet, for I was,

Exhausted of trying to make people understand,

Who would never listen to me.

This had often happened to me.

People here ask me to keep my thoughts and ideas

To myself, for no one needs them.

They ask me, for my suggestion,

And in the end do what their heart desires.

The other day I had shared my ideas,

For the layout of the project.

It got rejected for being “too girly”,

But, when the same idea was presented,

By my male counterpart,

The applause came ringing in, from the four corners.

One day we were shifting some of the files,

My male colleague came running in

Offering me a helping hand,

For they knew it would put me through,

A lot of physical strain,

I stood there wondering,

Had it never occurred to them,

That their words cause more mental strain,

To me than any other physical work.

Why do people let my gender decide,

To create the perception of the person that I am,

Rather than letting my words, behaviour and ideas to do so?

When will my mind be valued more than, my body?

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