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We Hope. Dream. Share. Nourish. Engage. Inspire. Learn.

This is what we are all about.

Under The Raintree women’s cultural festival stands for equality, creativity and femininity. This is a multi-cultural festival that is uniquely powered by women, and it offers the stage only to women. Here is a space for women to share and express themselves, for in sisterhood there is strength.

In these two days, we will hear debates, discussions, poetry, and watched performances that we hope will spark thought and action.

Collaborations help us grow and we have many in this festival. Our curators, collaborators, speakers, performers are passionate partners and own this festival. 


Apart from music, dance, art, literature and theatre, streams, we have introduced women in leadership & women in STEM. We also touch upon wellness, underlining the importance of health and happiness.

There are parallel sets of activities for children. For when teach our children well, teach them to question the status quo and act for change that is for good, there is hope.


This festival is also a celebration. We celebrate our femininity, and we embrace our gender with joy.


Join us as we use the powerful channels of culture as a change agent, to achieve a gender equal society, and a better world.

Sandhya Mendonca

Festival Director

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