• Under the Raintree Festival

'Woman of the World, A Narrative for the Soul' by Benila Jacob

They call it the weak gender

Expecting it be slender

Never knowing the wonder

Woman, graceful and tender

A rule book lay untold

To break free for the bold

To shatter away the mould

of eyes and mind bought and sold

A beautiful mind forsaken

To comply with the world view of beauty

Innumerable ones taken

Oh! What a pity

Social pressures pile on

To be a part of crowd long gone

Could you hear a faint moan

Of all those hearts who stand torn

Roles set from infancy

errors deserve no clemency

would you rather not come and see

A heart of gold, depth of sea

Restrictions galore

Woman you create a furore

crowds go into an uproar

when your steps are short of the door

Dreams bend and desires lend

left with nothing to fend

you cannot now lament

woman!! you are God sent

A battle of sort ensues

family to amuse

work and life and its hues

never let you feel the blues

A stage in life for love and pain

never all to be a gain

rolls along with a smile to feign

wonder if mercies will rain

And yet in all this unspoken rules

to bend and break to the wishes of fools

an array of life, multitude of roles

to wait upon when duty calls

A song, a poem i render

while I am in the cusp of life's winter

To go back and do over my time again

A plea, a desire to my sender .

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