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'When Life Comes Knocking' by Swathi Narayana

It was a hook up alright. I was hooked the moment he entered me. Into my heart he dived right in. Without my consent, he dented my soul with a permanent hole and yet somehow my spirit got whole. The shell of my body came apart to let him in. Emotions coursed and crashed through me like the mighty waves, unreined and untrained. My veins were charred and my nerves terrified, my will and my control surrendered and died. I gasped and heaved but never once let go of this glue that held all of me. Because without him, I was nothing and beyond him, I knew nothing. I was him and he was me, leaving him meant leaving me. Friends and family, I had no time for any. The "twinkle" in his eyes and "love you" from his lips were all that made my heart beat. My days and nights were full of only him; his demands, his dreams, his wishes, and his needs. He hugged and he kissed, he hit and he bit, but I smiled through it all though my body was in shock and energy deplete. Of unconditional love, I had only heard. Of unconditional courage, I have earned and learnt as I live to love and love to live. A lifetime or a moment, it doesn't matter; whatever he wishes for, I would offer him on a platter. Because I am hooked, hooked for life. One hook-up A lifelong relationship. It's my body my mind but HIS RULES that helped find ME at last. He is My darling son My angel boy. From now till forever, the one reason I'll happily live and die.

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