• Under the Raintree Festival

'US' by Priyadarshini MN

I waited in line

To go inside the pub

My friends talking excitedly

All around me.

I yawned, out of boredom,

We do the same thing

Every weekend, we dress pretty

And we go out, visiting nearby pubs

It was then that I saw her, standing

Across the street, looking unsure

She was shorter than me and a little rounder,

But something about her, made me wonder.

She caught me staring at her. I blushed

And looked away. It was our turn to go in.

We entered the hubbub of the pub and I looked behind,

But she had vanished.

The noise hit me, as always, so loud

That my ears throbbed. Immediately

My heart started beating in tune

To the music, and I let myself loose.

After a while, I took a break.

I went to the bar for a drink

And saw her drinking alone.

Curious as a cat, I wanted to know more about her.

I walked up to her and started speaking

She seemed taken aback at first and then wary

It looked like she was wondering what I was up to

I smiled sweetly at her and she blushed

I don’t know what I was doing

But I just wanted to see her smile

I kept flirting with her, when suddenly

A group of people came to her

They started to tease her and she just sat there,

Doing nothing, saying nothing

I wondered why, and I checked her out,

Completely from top to bottom

And it suddenly hit me,

I was curious about her because

She is like me

As soon as I realized this, I leaned over

And kissed her on her lips. I felt her stiffen

She surprised me by kissing me back

My mind went blank and time stood still

After what seemed like an eternity, we broke apart and smiled

I then looked around and saw,

The group of people around us had become

Quiet. I glared at them and they raised their hands and backed away

Face filled with guilt and wonder

I thought to myself “They would never understand”

I looked back at her

No, at him... and thought, smiling

“They would never understand US, for I am a WOMEN in a MAN’s body and she is a MAN in a WOMEN’s body”

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