• Under the Raintree Festival

'Unambiguous' by Soumali Chatterjee

Hear me?

I'm  in this case, and its dark

for as long as you didn't feel and see

saline recalls, dry instincts mark

My skin is cold and rugged,

it will melt anytime,

memory is lucid, sleek

It slips on another dime

Recounting how far its been

all the while, and space unseen

silence so colloquial, fear is numb

moisture seeping in, I try to stop its hum

I owe you nothing, not a rupee

Not another bombshell, not a canopy,

you made your business, done your deals,

no more you play master, chase on my heels,

This case gets too tight now,

let my body melt and seep out,

And then I will burst out of this close

of darkness and shout

Near the stream, is that torch

I would hold it, and cross,

as the evening fall,

would move on without a call,

lips soften, peace won,

This night wraps me into its don

black water flow unblurred

carrying my lamplight,  in its guard

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