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'Their Silence' by Ruam

How many times did she need to turn the volume of the television up so she could tune off,

Into a world where her partner didn't beat her black or blue,

Or didn't empty her bank savings leaving her without a clue.

They said he would change and she waited for change,

But it seemed like change by-passed her home.

How many times she listened to the radio with trepidation in her heart,

Hoping that they would call out the lists of women who endured because that's all they were taught to.

She felt trapped in her very own home,

The white marble only felt colder,

Her house felt too big,

As if she could get lost within,

No one heard her silent screams that threatened to break through its walls,

Rebellion wasn't an alternative,

In the palatial house, rules made by visible powers of higher authority.

Her silence was eerie,

It spilled out of the house and the entire boundary wall,

Onto the neighbourhood,

Until one day they saw her shroud.

They who heard her but never spoke,

Those who saw her mutilated face but never reported,

Were they responsible for the parts of humanity they shred to pieces with their invisible knives of endless doom.

Will we learn from history or only read it like a gory story pretending to ignore it until we no longer can?

Is a question that someday each of us will one way or another answer?

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