• Under the Raintree Festival

'She – The Epitome Of Grace & Beauty' by Sudha Dixit

I am a fair maiden

Nature’s best creation

As mother, from the world,

I get standing ovation

The Indian saints have said

That the gods reside there

Where women are worshipped

And live without any fear

But in the harsh reality

Women suffer a lot

Of honour and equality

They haven’t got a spot

My beauty does attract

A very admiring glance

Having ulterior motive,

Exploits every chance

Just to avoid mishaps

Some people often preach

How to dress while going out,

Or stay at home they teach

Let me tell them once for all

Please folks you leave me alone

I’m the mistress of my body,

It’s my property, I own

How I walk, to whom I talk

That’s only my concern

What I do with my life, from

Them I don’t have to learn

My moral values, my ethics

Are only my responsibility

No one has any right to

Comment on my dignity

Men cannot, in the society,

Have clam to total freedom

And make unwanted utterances

With nonchalance at random

They dare not, ever, touch me

Minus my overt permission

Whether I like or abhor them

Would, always, be my decision

I am a new age female

I entertain no nonsense

Men better make a note of it

Their chauvinism is past tense

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