• Under the Raintree Festival

Science Under The Raintree

Championing 'Women in STEM' , we enthusiastically welcome the Bangalore Life Sciences Cluster as a partner at the 2nd edition of the Under The Raintree women's cultural festival. Don't miss the unique Science Cafe where renowned scientists will share their science with all of us in an informal, colloquial and social space. Stay back after their talks, grab a coffee, and chat with them.

"Science is not only the passion of scientists. As a subject, it engages, instructs, and shares with anyone who displays a sincere curiosity and a willingness to know more about the life within us, the world around us, and beyond. Science, as we are discovering, cannot be confined within the hallowed halls of institution, either. It needs to find its place in society, pull up a chair, and start conversations."

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