• Under the Raintree Festival

'Sacred Life' by Nalini Vipin

They told me thereafter

Oh! He owns you! A thing!

They said the bonding is sacred

Me…imprisoned by a ring!

I heard their suppressed laughter…

Brazen humor that caught my ear

Laden with sneers and sly gibes

Discomfit, it made me retch in fear.

The dense veil of darkness…that I dreaded

The touch…abrasive, crude, demeaning

Enduring the violence of his passion endless

Too naïve to revolt, I could only cringe and squirm.

They said its fine, for he gave you a title

A social standing, and a protected context

Why shall not be He your master and Lord

Free to command, torment, take and abuse.

Scarred and broken, my body in disgust

I cried in deep pain, at my wounded spirit…

Lying low till no more could I bear

My self-respect in shreds, I had to gather.

Then as the landslide, I hurdled over rocks

My seething anger, frothing, in all its might

Revenge in arms, fire in my eyes… destruction galore

Courage gathered…unknown and unseen!

As the snake in action, I descaled my fear

Packed my bags, awake, and reborn… again

Into that heaven of endless freedom, I treaded

My Mind, My Body, My Rules, My Life!


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