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'Rise Up' by Diksha Chakravarty

Hey there standing so tall and strong,

moving through the day, marching past the dawn.

Rise up and hear me today, cause I am here to fight for equal pay.

I am a doctor that saved a heartbeat.

An engineer who typed through my feed.

My profession so diverse I say,

a maid to a CEO chased my dreams all through the way.

So rise up and fight for what you deserve,

because when you believe in a cause the fight becomes yours.

Rise up for what you deserve.

Rise up for what you worked so hard for.

Let the windows that cage you shatter,

Let the defiance in you rise,

Rise up like the sunshine.

Equal pay isn’t my demand, it’s my right I say.

Didn’t make the moon my excuse, but made the sunshine my booster everyday.

So today I raise my voice not with a cry,

but with determination and motive that needs to be satisfied.

I don’t hide my flaws, but carry them as my pride,

and make them my map to reach the bright side.

Let’s be those who didn’t plead for justice but became justice themselves.

Let’s be those who didn’t ask for courage but became its provenance.

Words are for the pity I say,

cause they are like thunder shattering once and fading away.

It’s time to rise up and take a stand,

and march forward not as me or you but as a clan.

Rise up for what you deserve that defines you the best way.

Prove that we fight our own battles and thrive through the way, for equal pay.

Laws are made to condemn voices,

So let’s start a revolution I say,

cause revolutions don’t condemn voices but satisfy them in the right way.

I deserve to be judged by the way I play.

I have the same passion and drive I say.

Why should you give up even a penny that you earn.

Scanty epigrams and beliefs aren’t my way.

So here I stand and fight for equal pay.

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