• Under the Raintree Festival

'@ My Workspace' by Aparna Sundar

Good, Bad, Right, Wrong, Morale, Immorale

Praise, Insult, Pretty, Fat, Ugly, Hot and Sexy

Off goes both mouth and mind with a labelling song,

On a woman’s soul, character, past, present and future

Neutrality ain’t existing?

With a grey zone persisting

And a dame needn’t fall in ANY bracket

Of the mind’s verbose labelling jacket

When you and I do it…..why won't he and they

For when is a woman’s career even of the slightest significance

Indeed one’s value is what that one say

At all times the prey of the society’s lens

The creativity of our mind

The products of our hand

The idea of our intellect

The passion in our soul

The joy of the heart in doing what its doing

The rhythm of the feet in seeking its path

Now do your math

Is anything more worthy than all of THIS?

Carving a niche

No matter how miniscule it is

Breaking through every leash

Immeasurable indeed is the reward

Tube tops, spaghetti tunics

Ankle length jeggings

Knee length shorts don’t define us

A chic with a mind of her own

Wont at any time let her self-respect

It ain’t the money, it ain’t the recognition,

It ain’t even the praise or a salary raise.

But the subtle joy that emnates

From the sheer result of her beads of sweat

And drops of blood…

That maketh her day “Ah…well lived”

I don’t suppose you would get it unless you went to bed

With the same sigh….a sigh of relief. A sigh of achievement

Perhaps accomplishment.

Even your kith and kin would steal the magic out of your firework

Peace and ecstasy in the corner do lurk

Keep Heading….Heading Heading Forward

Ignoring people who think you are too coward

If you aren’t the one to save yourself

Don’t even imagine the Prince Charming to come himself.

As blossoming flowers do we rise

Fragrant and magical in colour and shine

The pureness of white and the serenity of a lotus

All in the head of every girl fetus

If we aren’t allowed to live..

Well who else should be?

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