• Under the Raintree Festival

'My Mind Is the Whole' by Komal Nagaraj

Well I was not this one, that day back.

I look back and I find,

Today I stand as a women in pride.

I’m empowered,

And need not somebody else’s stand,

I command the saluting respect for

Everything that I work hand in hand

I’m a disastrous skill,

That can climb up any hill,

To serve this nation,

I possess all the will.

I can fight the wars,

I can treat the scars,

I can innovate,

I can also rejuvenate.

I can sculpture the young,

I can count a gazillion clinks,

I can deal the ordeals,

I can cop the rob peeps.

I agree that I bleed,

But that doesn’t make me weak,

You see me as sleek,

Mind it, I’m also a freak.

I hold a million emotions,

And that is my secret potion and

I can play tactful,

And be impactful.

I am a woman,

And I stand to

Empower and serve this world.

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