• Under the Raintree Festival

'My Lover is Not a Fascist!' by Shanthalembi

My lover shelters me from the other

He says the other is 

Despotic and dogmatic

Obsessed to control me

Seducer, Sexist and a Scorn

A Squid to grab anything he wants!

Took time to unwrap the veil

Of his cajole and coaxes,

Never did his acts touch me

Nor did I feel like embracing him soulfully,

I guess it’s like a party calling the other Fascist,

Making political waves to prove it.

Akin in their designs to win,

My lover is subtle and the other a Fascist,

I long to slay this stifling love 

For a more frenzy-meadow,

As they say in politics, 

For an alternative Game-Changer! 

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