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'Lady with a lamp' by Simmyyy

Beauty with brains……. so daring yet so charming

Ah! Beautiful are you, Beautiful in mind , Beautiful at heart

Ah, Goddess touch ,you inspire me .

You are the light of my world

You are the light of the world

Awe you are strength embodied

Life flows through you

My lady with a lamp

A rare gem of a person

You fight the world for justice

You have tread many a male bastion

Yet seemingly powerful

You portray a Graceful persona

With a kindness touch

Oh what greater then kindness be

In this merciless world

You are my lady with a lamp

Often you walk a lonely path

You are a warrior strong

Awe bravo be you

Nature's song are you

Heavenly blessing are you

The lady with a lamp

You lit the darkest path

You are hope amidst fear

The lady with a lamp

An embodiment of intellect, beauty,

Power, truth and justice

Glory to you

You are a true being

Lady with a lamp

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