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'Intellectual minds' trapped in bodies by Shalom Arokianathan

A battle of intellectual minds trapped in bodies,

This is exactly how the society has automated

You and me!

Unequal pay check being absolute bigotry!

We're made to resent our very own bodies,

For mere money in the form of our salaries.

Women are undermined of their intellectuality.

And no!

We are more than our blessed feminine bodies!

We slog and work hard

No different than our male counterparts.

Yet we are denied of the rightful wages we deserve!

The wage gap is so wide, it's wider than the Pacific ocean!

Why bring proportionality?

Haven't we earned it rightfully with our intellectual ability?

Why are we being withheld of what is ours?

The percentage of wages for which we work endless hours.

Woe! To gender prejudice and it's misused powers!

My plea: Irrespective of their gender;

Remove unequal pay distribution

Treat all employees with no differentiation

Unequal pay-checks! Bitter truth:

There isn't one sector where this epidemic

Hasn't taken over from its roots...

Why am I being cut short based on my sexuality?

Are you reducing my work load based on my gender?

No! That you won't do!

Yet, you squeeze my productivity:

To it's very fine last-exhausted drop

And still have the audacity to pay me less.

Weigh the balances of responsibility and productivity,

Look for yourself in integrity

Finding stark reality of no diversion in work completion!

As an organisation,

You're in dire need of project finalization

And my acumen and apprehension should be your only concern!

Make my work space

Safe and secure

Without sexual predators and harassers.

And let my credentials and productivity

Be the requirement for my promotions

Not coercion!

Stop suppressing my voice!

My views, my ideas and opinions!

Stop bias of choice over the man and his voice!

Women are intelligent beings

Never underestimate our brilliance

We are the epitome of balance!

We multi-task and juggle between work,

Home, family, relationships

Responsibilities, priorities!

We aren't weaker vessels

We aren't inane

We are full of wit and prudence.

Don't you dare obstruct my earnings

Hindering opportunities

To undermine my intellectual ability .

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