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'Inherent Beauty' by Christal Ferrao

As raw as an antique statue,

just like a child wearing a smile or frown,

I am neither a ramp walking supermodel,

nor do I aim to win a beauty crown.

I am rusted and unpolished,

my hair is not slipping straight but a coil of oil,

but I have my mind and heart in place,

if you meet me I greet you with a smile.

I invest time in books and experiences,

saloons for me are once in a blue moon,

I choose clothes based on comfort and not trends,

I don’t dress to impress but to handle the cold night and sunny noon.

My body is not a mannequin on display,

it is my abode of sanctity,

you need to be a true good gentleman,

to live with this true blue beauty.

Yes I want an open man,

the one who opens the hidden treasures of my heart and mind,

those interested to open and discover my body,

please stay away from your play and better be blind.

Hope you see a milk nursing mother beneath the bosom,

the career oriented brain above those red honey lips,

the athletic feet below because that is the real bottom,

control your eye before it blinks and hand before it slips.

I am neither a part time party partner,

nor a temporary time pass,

if you have no cue of true commitment,

go graze on another grass.

I am not anti-social, reserved or an introvert,

yes I do not wear my heart on my sleeve,

but if you choose to be a true permanent guest,

my love, laughter and fond thoughts will not let you leave.

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