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'I Own Myself Heart, Soul and Senses' by A R Sara

I am confident and sure in my stride,

In my form and color I take pride,

An adult am I and I know myself,

I am not something on a display shelf.

I embrace my shadow and accept my reflection.

Why is that for you a cause for concern or friction?

Comfortable am I in my mind and my skin.

You may or may not be kith or kin,

I care not for your opinion or your advice,

Be it about my habits, or my size,

Nor do I seek your approval,

About my identity of single gender or dual.

So what if I am a minority as per the census?

I own myself heart, soul and senses,

My words, my actions and my preferences.

It is by my rules my body shall abide,

Whether my flaws I choose to show or hide,

About what I harbour within I get to decide.

My body is mine to stay.

It is not yours to judge or weigh.

When you question me

On why I address myself as I or we,

About why I choose to stay free,

How in relationships I fare,

What feelings I bare,

All those things I dare,

About my choice to remain single,

Or how I like to mingle,

Do you realize that it actually reflects on you?

It is your state of mind that you expose too,

While about mine you have no clue,

It is your insecurities that you project so true.

All those judgments you casually pass

And the questions you persistently ask

Are the ones you need to direct at yourself, don't you see?

Then just maybe...

You can comfortably, unapologetically be you

While letting me revel in "being me" too!

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