• Under the Raintree Festival

'I Announce' by Kanika Al Diges

I announce,

My body my rules ‘me’ shall not say,

For in those words is hidden,

All that ‘you’ think is forbidden.

‘Me’ hears your call to,

Announce and justify,

Pronounce and quantify,

My gender and its sway.

That shackle ‘me’,

Into hardbound sanctimonious ways.

Then listen hard and listen well,

For 'me’ has only one rule.

To be ‘me’ as I want, when I want, how I want.

Is it a wonder that ‘me’ be Strong and weak all at once?

Is it a surprise that ‘me’ be clever and foolish in the same moment?

Can it be that ‘me’ know and not know about things that ‘me’ perceives?

What an amazing feat to find myself in the lap of truth and lies in an instance! To want and not want the same thing!

To love and hate the same thing!

To fear and not fear the same thing!

I need not explain that ‘me’ ain't a sham.

That's just who ‘me’ am!

There will be no ‘my body my rules’

Instead just ‘me’ who rules.

A ‘me’ for whom I shall make no excuse,

Or imprison ‘me’ in a list of rules.

One look at ‘me’ should tell you aloud,

This is a person not a body that comes with rules.

There will be no ‘my body my rules’

Instead just ‘me’ who rules.

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