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'I am with Her' by Divya Nankani

Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight, and gender at work is an emphatic issue which needs to be addressed by not only women but also men.

We are all in a era where the quality of work and outcome delivered is of utmost importance, to that of person doing it. In any work culture men and women have their roles. Roles are different but their rights are equal. It's not that certain tasks can be done only by men or only by women. This perception is totally baseless, ultimately all that matters is the quality of work and performance of an individual.

A gender equal society would be the one where the word 'Gender' does not exist: where everyone can be themselves. As said by the Former Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar, "I believe in a future, a time would come where we won't feel the need to use the term 'Woman Empowerment' because men and women would be treated as equal, so there would be no question of empowering one gender over another".

Human rights are women's rights, and women's rights are human rights. Women's liberation is the liberation of Feminine in the man and the Masculine in the woman. A recent incident would put some light to the issue of gender inequality at the work place. On October 2nd 2019, Melinda Gates pledged $1billion to promote gender equality. With this funding, the issue of Gender Inequality in the workplace will take centre stage and employers will find it harder to ignore it.

Women still struggle to advance to the C- Suite, this perception may be only the tip of the iceberg in gender inequality at workplace. This stereotyping seriously needs to be addressed, as there are still some traces of a male dominated society being in existence. Questions about the capability of a women are raised, but instead of creating such a bizarre situation, why not give importance to the creative mind of an individual at work place rather than implicating upon its gender. There was significant variance in the extent to which women saw their gender as relevant to them as they pursued their careers. Gender is important but it should not define you. On the other hand it is quite all right to behave like a woman in an organisation or a company. After all most men behave like men.

Typical stereotypes bind a woman into a set of rules which needs to be practiced by her. Being an outspoken person is inconsistent with how women are expected to behave.

Researchers show that unless women are empowered and gender inequality is achieved so that women can undertake their role in economic, social, political and environmental areas, the country will not achieve sustainable development with the recognition of only men's participation in all areas.

Also the fact that women constitute half the entire population of country, makes empowering them to be an active part of all development initiatives. So at work place or as a general concern, a mind is more valuable than a body and gender should not be a hindrance at work place, and this can be done when we all men and women strive towards achieving gender equality.

For this purpose I'm with her!!

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