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'Gender At Work: Valuing Minds Over Bodies' Poem by Ananya V

It is every woman’s right,

To ask for what is right.

When men and women have equal might,

Why should the former be kept at a height?

It’s high time that we start a fight,

To bring women to the limelight.

Just let her walk freely in the night…

Only then does freedom come within sight.

Do not speak of what is wrong or right…

Ask your minds to think straight.

Why should she be paid less??

For the same work and the same stress;

Having HER working with you is a real bliss

But begging for her wage is really a mess,

When it is HER right and she is no less.

“equal pay for equal work”-

Be it a lass or a bloke…

Should be the motto of the society and mark of a wok

‘Coz she was born just like you, and she’s no joke.

Great respects! To those working moms

Who are a deadly combination,

Between clarity and confusion;

Juxtaposing job and relation;

Equally balancing family and frustration;

These superheroes deserve a lot more than men…

But we are only asking for being at par with ‘em.

Through good times and bad times

These questions remain…

If not we, then who?

If not now, then when?

Let’s ask women to step out of their dens

And men to be good citizens!

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