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'Gender at Work : Valuing Minds over Bodies' by Ananya V

An ancient Sanskrit saying says “Woman is the home and home is the basis of society”. But today, to our misfortune, women are not treated at par with men.

“Equal pay for equal work”- is still a myth in most of the cases; and that’s the

biggest question which has remained unanswered.

Why are women paid less for the same work done?

Why are we not valuing minds over bodies?

Why should there be a disparity between the two equals?


Since times immemorial, women have always been looked down upon when compared to men. Even today after years of independence, we are still treated the same. It is like putting democracy and freedom back into a box. Right from the smallest jobs in companies to the big world of cinema women aren't paid equal. They deserve an equal pay just like their male counterparts.

In many software and multinational companies, women are kept aside when it comes to promotions or increase of pay.

When it comes to movies, why is it that the male actors are always paid more?

Women work equally hard or even more harder at times but end up receiving an unimaginably lesser remuneration.

As it was rightly quoted by Emma Watson – “Whether you are a woman on a tea

plantation in Kenya or a stockbroker on Wall street, or a Hollywood actor, no one is being paid equally”.

Be it a woman with a white-collared job or a blue-collared labourer, everywhere women are paid less.

When the work done is the same, why should there be a difference in the pay scale. This is a really a debatable issue and it’s high time that we speak up for the same.


According to a survey, women are paid 19 % lesser than their male counter parts.

Earlier, women were deprived of basic education and not allowed to take up many jobs. People give very lame reasons such as demographics (race/ethnicity), regional differences in attitudes etc. to deprive women but should this really be of consideration?

As a matter of fact, women who manage both work and family deserve a lot more than men.

If valuing minds is what matters at the work place, then different scales of pay should not be a matter of concern.


A man of good virtue treats women as his equal.

When the work done is pertaining to the mind, why should gender be a hindrance?

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”

Minds should be educated to value minds and minds alone, and only then can our

country witness commendable progress.

Only when men and women work together without disparities; without the feeling of

superiority or inferiority; with a feeling of oneness; only when we come together can we solve many problems and set an example for the next generation.

Our forefathers said, “Women are to be treated equal”

Our fathers said, “Women are to be treated equal”

We are saying, “Women are to be treated equal”

When are we going to say WOMEN AND MEN ARE EQUAL?

If not we, then who?
If not now, then when?

When are we going to make it a reality?

“Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante tatra devata”- Manusmrithi

Divinity blossoms where women are worshipped. Women are even-handed and thus are to be treated the same because “Life is not a competition between men and women, it is a collaboration.”

Problems of inequality, disparity, biasing and discrimination, occur as a result of

a negative mind. Positive attitude is to be instilled in the minds of the people and make them look ahead at the world with a positive perspective.

All these dreams can be turned to reality with the help of value-based education. People these days do not focus on values and as a result of this, there are many crimes taking place almost everyday, everywhere.

Value based education might seem a time waste to many. On the contrary, it is these

values that help in building a clean society where women are considered equal to



Draupadi calls out for a rightful war; Ganga leaves her mark wherever she goes;

Parvathi doesn’t let go of her identity even after marriage; Durga fights like a girl; Sita raises her children all by herself; Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth (contrary to people saying women can’t handle finances); Shakti is unchallenged; goddess Saraswathi proves that 'wisdom is not defined by gender.'

Men’s and women’s minds should work in harmony. If any one of them misses

out, the same results would not be fetched because we all know that 'the most complex machinery would be ineffective if one small screw is not working.'

It is the same in society as well. Men might find women small, but they are the small

screws that govern the big complicated set up!

Therefore it’s not the women who are menial; but the attitude of men which makes them menial. This concept of gender pay gap is not just a female right but also a human fight.

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