• Under the Raintree Festival

'F V/s N' by Sujyothi N Prasad

I am the first seen F said.

Indeed, but I am there so you are said N.

Thus began the dialogue between the First seen and the Neglected.

F: I always get all the attention.

N: Obviously, that’s why I am Neglected.

F: Sure, I get made up and made to look gorgeous.

N: Yet, I support you and I am indigenous

F: My top makes me looks elegant.

N: My top makes me feel neglected.

F: The lining that borders my lips draws attention.

N: The lines on me don’t even want a mention.

F: I give your existence importance

N: I am the basis of your existence.

F: I am independent.

N: I am your voice on which you are dependent.

F: This is getting on my nerves

N: That’s in my spine. I connect you to the nerves.

F: I am the FACE.

N: I connect you with life- I am the NECK.

This is an ode to the always neglected neck!

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