• Under the Raintree Festival

'Defeated… Never Again' by Nalini Vipin

Her tiny little form, half in disarray

Her innocent mind, too small to discern

Cringing...as her back meets the wall

Totally Frozen...unable to bellow!

Slowly as it dawned, oh so evil

The rage inside, grew with her 

No right had he, to grope and probe

Her self-esteem, was not to rob.

Yet too fragile, as that she was

She held her horses, for the tide.

The passage of time, saw her rise

In grit and might, just as her stride.

She stormed in war that she waged 

Cast bleeding wounds, as she ravaged 

To the kill, destroying mercilessly

She revolted, slashing fearlessly.

The Truth sparkling, did emerge

From the edges of a murky past 

Defeated, she will never again be

Her body...her rules... to the last!!!

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