• Under the Raintree Festival

'A Temple of God’s Creation' by Debanjali Nag

Do you hear me, society?

A brief history of the generations ago,

Silently an evil deed happened to a baby?

Suffered pain and anguish in the womb.

A mother who lost her daughter,

It was her body on which societal demons tortured.

An unborn creation in the form of Goddess was burned,

Along with her mother who loved her all nine months.

Now comes a generation for whom love is all about physical pleasures.

True love that hones one’ soul do not intend to spoil the skin of a woman.

A creation of God I worship but not alone.

Embark upon finding a true connection, my body is a temple,

Here resides a pure soul.

Hunched by traditional rules, you decided to make it your own.

I own it, I praise it, I take care of my body alone.

For you, love might be a game of body and soul.

A devotion it is, whatever my age be now or then.

Rise above the hypocrite thoughts that makes a vision for women in your mind so small.

A thread that connects us all time is a blessing of the Divine.

I chose you with my heart, I choose my dignity and abode of God over you.

It is not just a body, but a pure creation of God, and it’s called My Body,

God's Home.

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