• Under the Raintree Festival

Shan Re 'Pours Emotions on Paper'

* Shan Re will be showcasing her work as part of the art show at #Undertheraintree Fest. She will also be conducting a Meditative Art workshop. Don't forget to book your seat as it's going to sell out very fast.

“Every art that I create is like a poem flowing out of me” says Shan. “My artworks help me visually express what I feel, strong and peaceful. Like an energy that flows out of me yet one I have no control over”. 


Shan Re

Shan Re is a prolific artist and one of India’s most versatile creators. Irreverent and dynamic, her art isn’t defined by complexities but a powerful yet spontaneous overflow of feelings and emotions recollected in tranquility. Intuitively moving between versatile mediums, Shan has continuously evolved, experimented and explored a wide array of subjects and genres in several group and solo shows in India and abroad. 


“Listening to the quiet voice within me ..

exploring infinite dimensions within myself..

From the deep sea of mystery,

Somewhere between

Memories and fantasies

Between echoes of silence

I am intoxicated

and addicted to the power creativity ..

my inner fire is what keeps me going”

Shan believes that art emerges out of a deeper sense of self, and she lets it guide her meditatively. Her paintings convey dramatic yet balanced visual expression. Though they are immersed in deep silence, there is a constant communication with the viewer through her magical pictorial language of eternal beauty and tranquility. A glimpse of the paintings reveal lyrical reflections of her subconscious thoughts, feelings, fantasies, hopes and memories. They are exuberant with life, conveying  a sense of joie de vivre and celebration. 

Shan looks within a world of emotional and psychological states rather than into a fluid world of fleeting realism. She explores her mind, spirit and imagination to germinate imagery. Thus free from representational convention, her process and philosophy makes her work timeless – independent of time and space.


" I love the fact that there's a festival celebrating diverse voices of women, from art to music, science to dance. This gathering will bring together a vibrant group of women and I'm looking forward to being a part of it."


Shan has continuously explored a wide array of subjects and genres in several group and solo exhibitions in India and abroad since the last two decades. As a prolific artist and actively involved with fundraising art shows & auctions, she mesmerizes the audience with her spontaneous live painting on various occasions. She also practices art through various disciplines of drawing, painting, poetry, sculpture and  installations. Through her Art therapy sessions Shan helps individuals in self regulation, rehabilitation and emotional well being.

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